AGM Day 1 / 365

I recently trimmed Alexander’s mohawk/combover, after my husband requested that his son be given a more manly hair do. I think it works… though now it is even more apparent that he’s rocking two different hair colors.


NGM Day 1 / 365

Oh, I didn’t mention in my last post about how I wanted to join the “photo a day” club? How silly of me!

Master Nikolay attempted to squeak loudly, but coordinating his lungs to “blow” is still somewhat challenging. He’d better get it by the time his birthday comes around … there’ll be three candles to blow out in front of assembled family and friends!


I always call these little doodads “Cheerios,” though they are in fact something like “Simply O’s” or “Purely O’s,” an organic cheerio-like cereal.

Cheerios 1

Cheerios 2

Cheerios 3

Cheerios 4

Cheerios 5

Cheerios 7

Cheerios 8

Cheerios 9

Cheerios 10

Cheerios 11

Cheerios 12

“All Done!”

This series was taken by my husband, while testing out the sequential shooting mode of our new Nikon D40. All I heard from the kitchen was the constant sound of the shutter clicking … say, oh, 85 times. But don’t tell my family that: they’ll demand to know where the other 73 photos are!


11 Months

Kolya at 11 Months, originally uploaded by eloquacious.

We only took one photo of Nikolay today, because he was more than just a little cranky. Waking up several hours early and not napping properly will do that to a little boy. Make that young man .. he is nearly one, after all.


Still Life With Lemons

Note the flour still on the rim of the KitchenAid.

Note the flour still on the rim of the KitchenAid.

My husband took this photo just before guests were set to arrive yesterday.