He: Cassie was the name of the poodle that peed on my head.

She: I’m sorry, what?

He: The poodle that peed on my head.

She: Uh … I think I’m going to need a story there. I mean, how did she manage this? Was your head on the ground, or did she jump and pee mid-air?

He: Well I picked her up over my head, and I guess she didn’t like that, so she peed on me.

She: Oh, ha! Well in that case I guess it serves you right.

He: I suppose in one sense I got what I was asking for. But on the other hand, I don’t think people should just go peeing on other people’s heads.

She: I don’t suppose you can expect that from a poodle, seeing as how they’re not a people…er, person.

He: Poodle, People. It all starts with “P.”

She: And ends with “pee.”


She: Come on, I thought that was a good one.

He: You’ve just got to work harder for it. That one was alright.