Blogging from the iPad

It feels a little like Christmas. I’ve just opened up the snazzy white Apple box that has been sitting in my husband’s desk for months, while we pondered whether a bluetooth iPad keyboard was something that we really wanted and needed. To be honest, for a long time, we didn’t. Circumstances have changed, however: I’ll be traveling to Germany for over a month without my behemoth 17″ MacBook Pro. During that time I’ll be completing my first Coursera course and beginning my second (and possibly even third, time permitting). I’ll need to be able to write essays and participate in forum discussions. These tasks would have been odious using the on-screen keyboard, but with this sexy little bluetooth keyboard I’m excited for the challenge. The current set-up isn’t quite what I’d imagined. I was hoping more for the cover/keyboard combination of the Zaggmate, which seems more stylish and integrated. But then, Mama’s iPad is also the “family” iPad, and without the trusty Otterbox Defender cover it’s worn since day one, we would have had ample cause to use our extended warranty. As it stands, this works quite well. The Otterbox also serves as a stand, and the keyboard can be held in whichever way I choose. Perhaps the iPad’s more limited ability to multi-task will help keep me focused on the task at hand.

Of course, that may only work while traveling … because just now, in that space between the first paragraph and the second, I left my desk to go to my laptop in the kitchen. From there I was able to Google Chat with my husband and browse the Facebook pages of my college friends far more easily than I could on the iPad. Apparently, I still see the iPad as being “deficient” in this manner … but when I think of the sort of scattered thinking my previous browsing habits have created, I wonder if this might not be the superior alternative, after all. Of course, I still dream of the iPad / MacBook Air hybrid to come. Some day! Until that day, I am eager to try my hand at going “iPad only” during my stay in Germany. As an added bonus, my laptop won’t have to suffer the indignities of travel. Let’s not get into what happened the last time my (previous) laptop encountered the TSA.

(Incidentally, I am also trying out various blogging apps, beginning with the “native” WordPress app. I had read reviews of it being buggy, but thus far it has worked well. Next up: Blogsy.)