Image: Tea With a Former Professor

Tea With a Former Professor

I am beginning my study of the Early Middle Ages (History 210) with Professor Paul Freedman, via Open Yale Courses. Only four of the required books have arrived thus far, so I’m going to start by listening to all of the lectures before returning to the beginning. This is certainly a “luxury” lacking when I was an undergraduate at Yale: even had I recorded the lectures somehow, I wouldn’t have found the time to listen to all of my lectures again. That being said, this experience pales in comparison to the real deal. Not only did I take a seminar with Professor Freedman (significantly smaller class size with more intimate discussions), but the subject of that seminar touched upon those things – food, spices, and trade – that made him positively light up with glee. (This is not to disparage his lectures here, because the very nature of this course is a more broad-strokes overview of an historical period.)

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