Cloth Diaper Wish List

While we certainly have everything we need for the moment, (in fact we are currently going on three days without washing) I do have a mental check list of things I’d like to have or try for Nikolay, things we may need to get for Nikolay if he gets too tall or heavy before potty training, and things I’ll want to get when we are expecting #2. As we didn’t begin cloth diapering until very recently, we have no newborn or small diapers or covers. It makes me ache to think of all the money we threw into the trash along with the disposable diapers that he wore for the first sixteen months of his life. If only we had started out with cloth! But thankfully, as we are intending (Lord willing) to have several more children, any money spent on new, smaller diapers will not be wasted.

Without further ado, here is my list of things I’d still like to try for Nikolay:

1) Wool covers (soakers and longies)


Ideally, I would like to use these for night-time diapering. Wool is said to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and can absorb a third of its weight in moisture. We currently use Smartipants one size pocket diapers with two inserts for nighttime, but I’m not happy with how we occasionally wakes up with a damp pajama bottom.

2) Muslin Flats


Also called “Euro Flats,” these are large (80 cm x 80 cm) squares of muslin fabric which quilt up nicely after washing. I purchased a dozen birdseye flats at a local cloth diaper store and haven’t been all that in love with them, but these look VERY different. The photo above was posted to the Green Mountain Diapers group on Yahoo, and compares a washed and folded muslin square to the same birdseye flats I own (even bought at the same store). You can see for yourself how fluffy they are!

Imse Vimse Organic Muslin Squares.

3) BumGenius, BumGenius Organic Cotton, and GroBaby

These are a real challenge for me. There is a part of me that says “You already have nine Smartipants, which were inexpensive and work just fine as Daddy/Babysitter diapers. Stop coveting already.” Then there is the voice that reminds me of the little things I dislike about the Smartipants, both practical (the one row of snaps, the risk of inopportune leaks) and impractical (the pastel colors), which reminds me that BumGenius will soon be coming out with a snaps version of their one-size pocket diaper, and also offers colors like THESE, which just happen to be my favorite. (This is a customer photo from Amazon.)


Diversion, in which I attempt to talk myself out of my passionate desire to try the Gro Baby System:

As for Gro Baby, the voice of reason has JUST about talked me out of them. In truth, though they are economical they aren’t as economical compared to prefolds once you factor more than one child in diapers into the equation. At this point, prefolds and covers win because Baby #1 can be using the medium or large diapers while Baby #2 is in the newborn or small ones. The “ease of use” argument may well be won by using prefolds in Booroi covers. That would require no pins or snappis, and they could be prepped in advance for the Papa or a babysitter. In both cases, the cover would have to be washed if it were soiled, but such is life. The other covers (Thirsties) would not need to be washed each time they were used. Of course, newboorn poop is another animal entirely, but over a month and a half of Thirsties cover use (both v. 2 in medium and the Duo in sz. 2) has yielded only one case of a soiled cover. In general, a snappied (or pinned) prefold will hold just about anything in. As for the snazzy Gro Baby colors … while I may not find precisely the same ones elsewhere, I can find bold colors in Thirsties and Booroi covers.

Another argument for me is the durability option. One reason I love the prefolds over more expensive fitted or all-in-one diapers is that they have a proven track record. They last and last and last. Especially for me (as I own a serger) the risk of a prefold coming “undone” is very, very slim. Over the years they may thin out – but they’ll still be quite useful around the household and for other baby purposes. I would find it hard to imagine using a busted pocket diaper shell as a burp cloth!

I don’t know how Gro Baby soakers and boosters will hold up over time. They are too new to have a proven track record – but one thing is certain: assuming I have 24 Gro Baby soakers and 24 in each size of the prefolds, each soaker will see far more wear and tear than the prefolds, because as part of a one-size diaper system, they’ll be in use far longer. Add to that that I could buy several prefolds (anywhere from three to six, depending on the size and brand) for the cost of a single Gro Baby booster and the value argument seems stacked in favor of prefolds again.

Another thing that I must consider is the durability of the covers. Two things that have a nasty tendency to wear out are elastic and velcro/aplix. (Snaps less so.) The type of elastic used in Thirsties covers is a fold-over elastic which I could purchase and replace more or less easily. The velcro bands, while not my first choice (I would prefer snaps) are also a simple repair job for anyone who sews. Not so much internal elastic (such as that in my Smartipants or in Gro Baby or BumGenius); this would require opening seams and repairing them … much more annoying than fixing some fold over elastic.

All that being said? I still LOVE the colors, they are said to be super absorbent and fit well, and they are coming out with new prints in a few weeks, as well as new colors this winter. If someone were to buy us a Gro Baby kit with a few shells and soakers, I certainly wouldn’t say no. For now, I am talking myself out of it in the name of reason and thrift – especially as I already own and use some prefolds and covers.

So, without further ado, the current wish list for Baby Numero Dos, whenever the time should come (also found on Amazon, and subject to change):

2-3 dozen Muslin Flats (Imse Vimse, 80cm x 80 cm, 100g)

2 dozen NB (orange edge) Cloth-eez Bleach Free White Prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers)

2 dozen SM (yellow edge) Cloth-eez Bleach Free White Prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers)

4 Thirsties sz. 1 Covers (Probably Green, Blue, Orange, and either Yellow or White …though color choices may vary if #2 should prove to be a girl)

4 Booroi sz. SM covers (Blue, Green, White, … Red? a new color? TBD)

2 Aristocrats sz. SM covers

All this, pending shipping costs and such, would total around $350. Assuming that Nikolay doesn’t need larger sizes, we should then have everything we need. If he does, we may have to order 2 dozen LG (brown edge) Cloth-eez Bleach Free White Prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, as well as a couple more Thirsties Duo sz. 2 covers. (We already own 2)

One thought on “Cloth Diaper Wish List

  1. Thanks for the Smartipants shout-out! I was only registered for BumGenius, but I added the Smartipants to my registry. They’re REALLY economical compared to other CDs, and they get good reviews! Appreciate it!

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