St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day, though everyone wore green and I bought some Kerrygold Irish Butter at Costco. I avoided the heinous (and illegal!) pinchings I received last year, and made sure to get mine in before my husband could don his green funky socks. Thinking back, though, to this day last year, it occurred to me how very much my son and his cousin Joshua have changed.

Early Smiles

Here is Nikolay, demonstrating one of his earlier smiles.



Ah, the good old days … when they both just stayed put. Now, one is running hither and thither (Joshua, on the right) and the other is learning to walk, but crawling just about anywhere he wants to go.



As much as Nikolay and Joshua have changed, however, the award for most changed in the past year has got to go to someone else.


I have written before about young Mr. Charlie: he was born on March 17, 2008 weighing in at a mere 1 lb, 14 oz. I got to see him in the hospital, when he was already a bit bigger – and he made my own little man (who was 5 lbs 10 oz at birth) seem like a veritable giant. You can read Charlie’s story here:

As he is still on his preemie quarantine, we didn’t have the chance to hang out with him on his first birthday, but by all accounts it was a grand old time (with green velvet cake, to boot!) Here is Charlie in his most recent blog update:


We wish you the happiest of birthdays, Charlie. We thank God for the miraculous first year he has already given you, and pray that all years henceforward will be far more boring – at least as far as hospital visits are concerned!

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