Birthday Boy

While I am sure that you all (ha! you all!) were dying for the continuation of Nikolay’s birth story, it’s been a busy day ’round here, and we’ll have to continue that tomorrow. For now, here are some photos of our big little boy:

Birthday Cake 1

Birthday Cake.

Birthday Cake 3

Is this really for me?

Birthday Cake 4

Oh. Uhm. Yeah.

Birthday Cake 5

No like.

Bookworm 1

Ah, yes, new books – much better!

Bookworm 2

How did you guess? My favorite!

Bookworm 3

This one’s not bad. Come read with me!

Nikolay 1

Later, we did the only thing that non-grass owning Phoenicians can do when they want a cool photo of their kid mucking about in the dirt: we drove down the street to a fake lake in between commercial office buildings.

Nikolay and Papa 1

Kolya walked with Papa …

Nikolay and Mama

… then he walked with Mama.

Nikolay and Papa 2



Then, he escaped from Papa and scaled the giant hill.

Walking with Papa 1

Ant then, he walked some more with Papa.

Walking with Papa 2

… which is basically the most fun thing ever. Hurrah for Papas coming home early from work to celebrate first birthdays!


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