Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup

Have you all seen these commercials? I will assume so, because I’ve seen them and I don’t even own a television. The funny thing about them, beyond the obvious falsehood behind their claim that it, like sugar, is good in moderation, is their attempt to make a health conscious consumer and mother look like a fool.

Well. Then came this lovely bit of news: the FDA and HFCS manufacturers have known for some time that mercury is present in HFCS due to the intricate method of manufacture. Oh, and another big shocker? The Corn Refiner’s Association is challenging the study’s conclusions. Did we really expect anything different? Sorry, HFCS apologetics lady, but Mercury, a neurotoxin, is not good in moderation.

2 thoughts on “Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup

  1. I laughed like nobody’s business when I first saw this commercial. How ridiculous. If I were the lady being schooled about the merits of HFCS, I might have pointed out the obvious link between it and skyrocketing diabetes rates, which is bad enough. Hope the whole mercury thing shakes people up a little.

  2. Amen, sister friend! And here they were wanting to give us a soy formula for our baby. We looked at the ingredients and said, “NO WAY, uh-uh… not our kid.” Something like 63% of it were something called “corn syrup solids.” We looked it up and I think I recall it being similar to HFCS and the such. And with supply issues… my child was getting it more than in just moderation. 🙂 Goodness.

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