The Joy of Thrifting

May I introduce you to my first ever Kate Spade? It’s called the Idylwilde, and I’m guessing it’s a vintage 2006. This site claims that its original MSRP was $275. I paid $25. Incidentally, it’s also the first purse I’ve ever bought for myself – the rest have all been gifts of hand-me-downs.


The other day, I found one of these here doohickeys for my son at Kid to Kid, a children’s resale chain. It had originally been $24.95 even at that store, but had lingered unpurchased for a while, and was marked down by 50%, making it $12.50. I’m pretty sure I had seen it the last time I was at the store, and I don’t go all that often (maybe every two months).

Neurosmith Jumbo Music Block

This last item of the day was not technically a thrift, but rather just a bargain found at Last Chance, the place where Nordstrom Rack goes to die: an Elegant Baby Piggy Bank for $2.97 (retails for $25.99). Incidentally, I had been registered for one of these before my son was born. The piggy bank is in absolutely perfect condition, though someone did put it in the wrong box.

Elegant Baby Pigy Bank

Add to all this a bunch of board books and several new and as good as new items from JCrew, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic, and you have a very happy thrifter. Special thanks go also to my husband who made this possible by offering to watch our son while I was out.

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