Added to my “To Read” Stack

new books

The other day, I decided to stop by my local branch of the Phoenix Public Library because their web site had claimed that a copy of Nina Planck’s Real Food: How to Eat and Why was on site. I discovered that this was in fact not accurate – as the library is updating its systems, they are unable to keep accurate accounts of  which books are available at which locations. Nevertheless, I spotted a copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, as well as a book I hadn’t seen before, A Whole Foods Primer by Beatrice Trum Hunter.

Edible Phoenix

I had heard of Kingsolver’s book before: in fact, I had most recently heard it discussed on NPR’s “The Splendid Table” but what nailed it for me, in terms of “mentionitis,” is that the copy of “Edible Phoenix” that I picked up at our Farmer’s Market contained a review, despite the book’s 2007 publication date. I intend to do some book reviews here at this site, mostly cookbooks and food-related books, and perhaps this will be my first review.

(This despite the ginormous stack of library books I’ve got piled up in and overflowing the “borrowed books” section of my bookshelf. Due to the aforementioned systems updating, the Phoenix Public Library has extended all their borrowing periods from three to ten weeks. Goody! Then again, with the city’s upcoming budget cuts, I doubt that Nina Planck’s next book, Real Food for Mother and Baby, which I would also dearly love to read, will make it into their collection anytime soon. Drat!)


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