We love IKEA. If you’d seen our former home, you would see just how much. Of course, after overdosing a bit on the mecca of modern design, you’d think that we would stay away just for a while.

Not really. Witness, exhibit A: Nikolay and his cousin at our local (Tempe) IKEA. (We like to get ’em started young ’round these parts.)

At Ikea
“Mama, I realize that you need your outside establishing shot, but that sun is bright and I just woke up. Can we do it later?”

Stuffed Weasel

Awesome! A stuffed weasel!

Can I have him?

Mom, can I have him please? Please?

Soft and Snuggly

He’s just so soft and snuggly.

Then again, Mr. Weasel does bear more than a passing resemblance to his favorite lovey, Mr. Meerkat.


Okay, seriously, is it lunchtime yet?

yes lunchtime

Awesome! She said yes!


Mmmm Swedish Meatballs!

Mmm Meatball

Not seen (off-camera): an escapee Swedish Meatball

Oh, and if you’re wondering … I got one of these doohickeys and one of these here doodads. And yes, that does mean that I’ve basically spent all of my Christmas money on kitchen and/or household stuff… but fankly, as much as my wardrobe needs updating, going clothes shopping with an almost one-year old is an experience that I don’t recommend. You would agree if you had ever run after your speedcrawler while holding a shirt to cover the fact that your were just mid-change.

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