Pink and Brown, Take Two

Okay, so remember when I said that I had had just about enough of pink and brown at our wedding? Well I take it all back. I have never been so wrong in my life. (Okay there was that time where I insisted on wearing bright orange plaid pants, but let’s not digress too far.)

Sometime this summer I will be the proud aunt of a beautiful little girl, and this is her prospective bedding:

Bedding Set

Suddenly, pink and brown have never been so lovely.


Do you notice how the pattern is very similar to the paper we used a lot of at our wedding? The one I still have a ton of? Well making invitations to showers and such is sort of my thing, and I’m hoping I can get away with using some more of that paper without everyone noticing.

pink and brown fabric

I bought some fabric to make cute little baby things for her … okay fine, so may have gone a little overboard, but what can I say? When my nephew was born, I wasn’t really a sewer. As in, at all. It wasn’t until my son was due that I opened up my machine and began to experiment. And then, slowly, one baby at at time, I started making things… and feeling guilty that I never made any for my nephew. So I have some making up to do: stay tuned.

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