I always call these little doodads “Cheerios,” though they are in fact something like “Simply O’s” or “Purely O’s,” an organic cheerio-like cereal.

Cheerios 1

Cheerios 2

Cheerios 3

Cheerios 4

Cheerios 5

Cheerios 7

Cheerios 8

Cheerios 9

Cheerios 10

Cheerios 11

Cheerios 12

“All Done!”

This series was taken by my husband, while testing out the sequential shooting mode of our new Nikon D40. All I heard from the kitchen was the constant sound of the shutter clicking … say, oh, 85 times. But don’t tell my family that: they’ll demand to know where the other 73 photos are!

2 thoughts on ““Cheerios”

  1. I can’t stand it. He is soooo cute. Man, he is this weird blend of Greg and Jay, it’s uncanny. Give him a big smooch for me.

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