The Phoenix Zoo

My son has been ill for several days, the sort of sickness that begins with a run-of-the-mill snotty nose, followed by a nasty cough, and further complicated by unknown pains (Throat? Chest? He can’t say.) and horrible insomnia. Because I have not wanted to be that mother (you know, the one who subjects the world to her three year-old’s uncovered coughs and sneezes), I instituted a sort of quarantine, which we didn’t break until desperation drove us to the pharmacy yesterday in search of a baby menthol rub and baby ibuprofen. Thankfully, he was enough recovered this morning to allow for some fresh air and a walk through the zoo with some friends.

Toofmonster at the Zoo

He appeared to be far less sniffly outdoors than indoors. Clearly, there’s nothing like the smell of monkey poop in the morning to clear your sinuses.


We loved this wallaby, who came to meet us at the beginning of the exhibit. His bounce had a certain je ne sais quoi.

Petting the goat

My son was thrilled by the ability to pet the goats, though at 11 months there isn’t all that much difference between “pet” and “yank the fur out of.” Thankfully, the goat was very patient with him. I suppose he’s used to the wee folk’s lack of fur finesse.

Goat 1

Then again, the goats were generally fairly placid. They did some of this …

goat 2

… and a little of this …

goat 3

… and even some of that. (This goat was particularly impressive, having climbed onto a wooden stump to sunbathe.)


Later on, ze Bebes plotted how they would ditch the Mamas and explore the zoo on their own. (With a supply of cheerios, naturally, lest they be surprised by a sudden snack attack.)


Here are Sheikh and Cookie, doing what they do best. And yes, we are on a first-name basis. This is my third visit to the zoo since becoming a member in October – and I can’t recall them doing anything else. Then again, they are said to sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day. I clearly don’t show up during the right hours. I certainly have never seen them do anything as stunning as this. The zoo, quite wisely, keeps the buffalo in a different exhibit.


Thankfully, the Sumatran Tiger was looking bright and chipper.


Parrots: taste the rainbow. Or something like that.

Sleepy Baby

And finally, my favorite exhibit: the sleeping great American Bald Baby.

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