Because you asked…

Okay, that’s not true. Nobody asked. I do feel an increasingly strong wave of sentimentality washing over me, though, so pardon me while I indulge in a bit of reminiscing. These aren’t in any particular order because I made the mistake of uploading the all to WordPress, thinking that they’d be ordered by number. When they weren’t I was a little too sleepy to re-sort them myself.


Apparently the all the partying the night before was a bit much – our ring bearer nearly fell asleep during the ceremony!


These photos clearly show my (then) 12 year-old brother in law snagging some of the good stuff while his friend drank the sparkling cider intended for children.


“Backstage” in the church kitchen following the ceremony, while we waited for the church to clear out so we could take our staged (ahem, formal) shots. Very photogenic, my ladies!


There were Russians dancing …



… and there were Greeks dancing.


This was taken during our rehearsal … the cross was NOT glowing during the ceremony, per my request


I love this photo of my dad … though of course everytime I look at it, I’m reminded of how much lovelier it would look with the pews that our church bought months after this.


Smooching my Mami …


… and Greg’s Mama.


This is my sister-in-law, also my matron of honor. At the time she was growing my nephew, not that you can tell. (She will insist that she was already a whale, but really have you ever seen a whale as lovely as this?) She is currently taking some time off from her career as a professional matron of honor (she performed said function four times that year!) and carrying my future niece, who will no doubt be every bit as stunning as her mother.


This is not only a handsome, but apparently a very virile bunch. Every man in this photo had a child between the summer of 2007 and the summer of 2008.



Ah, the Rolls Royce. A last-minute gift to us, and one we will never forget. Also, I have never seen my husband look more like a Ken doll than in this photo.


I kinda dig abstract photos like this one. They could almost be the stock photos that come with a wallet, except that we know it’s us. I would even consider hanging this. We aren’t the type to have many family photos hung around the home. In fact, the only photo we have that’s framed and hung is a childhood photo of my husband. We prefer to just put all our photos online: this way the whole world can see them.


I love this photo of my parents smooching me …


…but not as much as I love this photo of my husband with his brother and sister.


How epic  would this shot be if that were Greg off in the distance? Ah well, it’s still awesome.


I absolutely love this one of Greg with his Papa.


Right after Pastor Niell told Greg he may kiss his bride. I jumped up and down a little bit. What can I say? It was exciting.

At any rate, thus endeth my VERY small selection of favorite photos, given that our fantabulous photographers, The Vision Yard, presented us with a disc of 1272 photos. I’m pretty sure Greg still hasn’t seen all of them.

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